About Us:

What We do:

  1. Build interactive data intelligence services on drug related activities and ensure up to date information
  2. Web API data intelligence services on Drug Research, Clinical Trials, Key Patents, Abstracts, Future Events, Grants, Sales and Forecast by Company and Drug, Manufacturing Services etc.
  3. Build offline tools for research and market strategy support

How Sciinov Healthcare Insights started?

Our due diligence found two new data solutions to connect with global drug research companies and related parties,

  1. Quick and ready to understand data on daily Pharm/Biotech company’s press releases and analysis
  2. Database with simple search options and up to date data

Database answers below client questions,

Bridge gap analysis would provide you,


  1. Anand Rotte, PhD, Research Expert -Immunotherapy of Melanoma
  2. Lavanya Gondhi, B.Tech Product & Web-based Applications Development Expert